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HUDSON  PUBLISHERS - Through Faith we shall walk,in prayer we shall succeed


         We here at Hudson Publishers invite you to follow us on a journey that leads to awesome heights of truth and searches far into the depths of love.  This is a Christian  based company that produces and publishes nonfiction Christian books.  It is the mission of this company to amplify the Christian experience through the Gospels of Jesus Christ.  We teach and connect with those who don't have a personnel relationship with Christ and those mature in the Christian faith that they may find through our literature, encouragement, empowerment, and have a deeper relationship through the Gospels of Jesus Christ.
             Our company slogan and logo are tied together to acknowledge the power of our company that our service as a publishing  company will continue to grow.  It is through our literature such as inspirational  and devotional books, journals, stationaries and other Christian materials that we go beyond telling you but bringing you our personal testimony.   Through digital marketing we are striving to leave a long standing mark within the Christian publication world, a small seed leaving a dynamic message of Christ love for His children.
              So our gate is always open for you our customers to visit, it is our hope that the literature we produce will leave you encouraged and rejoicing in the Word; finding knowledge of who you are in Christ. 


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