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Serving Spiritual Cuizine to The Masses

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Hudson Publishers

Posted on November 1, 2016 at 10:21 AM Comments comments (48)
 Nov.  1, 2016
       I felt  the need this morning to reach out to all that are connected to this company, this ministry  for  we are advocates for the Gospels of Jesus Christ and it is our duty as believers and children of the Most High to spread the Word. 
         We are Hudson Publishers and we are ambassadors for Christ. In connecting with the public  that doesn't know us or understand our mission we want to relate that this is a Christian based Publishing Company. 
It isn't our intention to offend or influence any person that comes across our path or that we may have been misdirected towards. Our mission is to fulfil  the mandate and duty of this calling to spread the Word of Christ through all branches of publication,marketing and digital marketing. 


   Hudson Publishers