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December 10, 2015



   God sent John the Baptist to tell everyone about the light

so that everyone might believe because of his testimony.  John

himself was not the light; he was only a witness to the light.

The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was

going to come into the world.

------------- John 1:6-9

     This morning as I awaken and peered out of my window to witness the awesome skyline towards the east and thought about how we are going into another blessed day it dawned on me how we are hurling into the unimaginable limits of time and space. As the word, "into" came to my attention it reminded me of how Christ came into this world.

     In definition the word "into" means in this case,"1) to the inside or interior of. 2) to a point within the limits of a period of time or extent of space.3) Against 4) in the direction of: Toward<look into the future> 8) Interested in or involved with. Now this should speak volumes to our mind, our hearts, and even our spirit that God's plan for man was to bring him back into God's grace. Even as we try to search for another word that could compare with this small insignificant word it's a real connection between God and us.

      Christ came into this world as the light that we might see God in flesh, the light of our salvation through His Son, Jesus. He came to bring us something that we ourselves could never create or imagine;

Redemption. He came at a point in time when the world was corrupted and had been robbed of God's favor, when men searching with unquenchable appetite's, the spirit hungry for food. Isaiah 55:1-2 (nlt) "Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink---even if you have no money!  Come, take your choice of wine or milk----it's all free!  Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen, and I will tell you where to get food that is good for the soul!

       Jesus entered into a world that was seeking justice, seeking answers for man's life was unraveling to the point of destruction. When life seemed unbearable and lifeless, darkness all around us. Now, as we fast forward  into the now this story seems to become full circle and yet Jesus has come, taught us about salvation, God's promises, died on the cross, resurrected, man seemingly has forgotten that his future lies within Christ, into the promise that He will never leave us alone, afraid, abandon, without food, water, or a loving word.

         Let us be reminded the reason for His coming, for He is the light of our salvation and the Giver of peace. He has given us the gift of life through Him. We are only to turn towards Him give our life's to Him for He has paid the price and we have the assurance that we are secure no matter what is going on in the world, for Christ loves us. He talk to us about faith and saving grace, believing that into this life we live in Him.

He came into a world of darkness and troubles, to heal the sick, cover the naked and bring justice to those in need. He is the light and healer of our life as we follow Him He is leading us into a better life of peace, joy, and most of all His love, because He came into the world.

  Monica F. Hudson

 Allen Temple A.M.E. Church

Pine Bluff, AR




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