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Excerpt from the book: Over There:Raindrops of Reflection

August 15, 2017

Book Excerpt: Over There: Raindrops of Reflection


Quench me Lord: my thirst  is heavy upon me. Pour the rains that I may be filled. Flow within me, Lord, Your living Word that guides me everyday. Let my lips not despair, for the world has nothing to give or share with me,  no destiny that I may live in peace. I follow  the storms where rainbows lie in meadows of cooling waters, by the Brooks of the sweetness that roll over pebbles and rocks, compassion.  Even when I fall You are there. Lead me by the still waters that my thirst may be quenched when burning arrows fly. Come!  The Holy Spirit, fill me with accepting grace full of the living God living Over There. 

Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink even if you have no money!





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