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Jerry Silver's Praise Radio Interview


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   Our company, Hudson Publishers is a visionary work horse because we believe that is what makes us unique by definition of service, "We are always finding ways to get closer to our customers.  Our mission statement and logo reflect what we believe in this company as well as who we are connecting too. We are striving to provide our readers with a wide range of book topics to keep you engaged in your reading experience

    Our vision surpasses what we are striving to be which is providers of unique and bold products for those of the Christian faith and to extend our company through many other markets such as Christian retail products.

      It is this companies purpose to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our products, to teach about the effectiveness and power of spiritual growth and faith, to teach about Christian Discipleship through our books, literature, blogs, podcast and newsletters.

       We are active in social media in e-blasts, press releases and emails, and direct mail this brings a full circle of connecting and reaching our customers. You can find us at many book affairs, conferences and virtual meetings, this is an added touch in reaching our customers.


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