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In This Hope


Oct. 31, 2016


     In This Hope

    Psalms 130:5(tgi)

I wait for the Lord,  my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. 

      In the business of our days we find ourselves always waiting for something  or someone to help us in our stresses, our troubles and sometimes even in the turmoils of our being, we are waiting for a resolution to our situation. 

       Within this scripture  we find the answer of our waiting in all our problems, situations and troubles. How costly the weight of waiting, for without it how can we see the answer if we don't wait? 

          In our prayers  and supplications is not waiting also there? Can we not find patience and courage in waiting, the phrase, "Be of good courage."

God will supply the need and bring about His will for your life if we wait.  How hard it is to wait not knowing our destiny?

But does God not remind us of our destiny, His plans for us,  that within the waiting  is also found the Word, if we trust and obey the Word is with us. Did not God promise to be with us till the end of time? Waiting is time,  and how should we spend our time? Shall we be about Our Father's business?  Demonstrating our purpose and faith,  that we trust Him and believe He has and will provide all our needs. 

   We know that in the waiting there is found hope, for in hope is faith. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

So, in the waiting is found hope and in hope is found the Word, He who supplies all our needs no matter the situation He is there in our faith. 

        Jesus is the Word, that evokes my soul to be lifted in praise for I know He is the answer to all my issues,  His promises are seen on the cross,  for He has come in the waiting  of the generations of Judah, that we may see in the waiting the Light that came forth to shine on my life,  my worries,  my destiny and in Him I find those cares and troubles decrease as He increases in my life.  In the Word is found deliverance for He had delivered a answer because I waited for Him to open the door to my issues and close  the door to my troubles for He is ever faithful in all He does. 

    Find Him in whatever your waiting for and believe through faith that He has the answer. Find joy and praise in waiting for how pleased is God to know you trust Him. Wait on God. 

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