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Salvation Disfigured


    Salvation Disfigured 


      Isaiah 52:13-15(nlt)

See my servant will prosper, he will be highly  exalted.  Many were amazed when they saw him*-------beaten and bloodied, so disfigured one would scarcely know he was a person. And he will again startle the nations. Kings will stand speechless to his presence. For they will see what they had not previously  been told about, they will understand what they had nowhere about. 

     The world ask who  I disguised  within this pulsating  mound of flesh,  black and blue  from the beating of ball fists that laid on my skin, my muscles feel the aching of the torn flesh hanging away from my bones and blood that drips to the ground.  The world ask who am I that should deserve  such grief and trampled  to the ground under the weight of my destiny  and men that would  call against my name and spit on my decendants,  the roots of my family. 

       Let not your hearts be troubled or tears fall in pity,  for your  God has planted me in the shadow  of His hand for such a time as this that you shall see with  your own eyes  the chains of your freedom  fall to the ground and the horns of victory blow within the city  gates of heaven and David can be heard rejoicing for God has delivered  His promise, the children  of your decendants  shall see their salvation revealed and every Word of God shine like the noon day sun. 

        My God is near and has given me strength to endure, the intensity  of the walk for the plan will be made known  to those on the Lord's side, within  the spirit  of man that shall follow  after me the treacherous  days ahead. Fear not! For I have conquered  the world  and opened  the door to your salvation, see that I am the door to your freedom  and righteousness. Lift your eyes that you may see and witness  this broken man who has delivered to u from your sins and overflows  the cup of joy. 

        Ask as the man that hung beside me,  with a faithful  word he spoke truth for his faith was on fire for me and his spirit man witness the light of his Salvation.  My journey  was the walk of truth bursting  forth  as a dam broken  that quenched  the thirst of many and even those who questioned took a sip and found healing in the water.  Find that I am the Savior who the Father had hidden at a time as this to fulfil theWord and the seed of Jesse. 

       Believe that I AM the Word that came to feed many and announce to the captives,  "It Is Finished!"Believe not with your eyes this half of a man torn apart but soon you will see the power of the Spirit  for I am your Redeemer that you shall have life again, that joy shall mount up in the Spirit of your being and the world will know who you are children  of the Most High God.  Follow me as the woman  who touched the hem of my garment and receive and was healed by faith. 

     I have come that you shall live again through  the power of the Holy Spirit who shall raise me.  Know that I know the very hairs on your head, for I am your Salvation, the Lover of your soul and the Giver of your crown,  the Christ, the Son of God. 

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